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Why am I doing this ?


Let’s get straight to the point. Why am I even doing this?

Before explaining, let’s try and understand where this all started. My last post, ‘Privilege’ was all about what I have, what a few privileged ones have and what many just dream of having. Does that mean that the dreamers don’t deserve anything?

India’s literacy rate is at 74.04%. Kerala has achieved a literacy rate of 100%. Bihar is the least literate state in India, with a literacy of 63.82%. Total employment as of 2016 is 493.5 million. Click here for details regarding unemployment in India. I am not willing to talk about unemployment because so many Indians despite having a decent system and government are not willing to work. I care about Individuals who are willing to work and have the capacity and caliber to find a purpose for themselves.

What is my aim?
Help everyone build their future by helping people understand ‘HOW to LEARN to CODE’. Again, it’s not helping with HOWE TO CODE but helping understand ‘HOW to LEARN to CODE’.
Math is the universal language. And I believe coding is similar to math. As a learner It involves understanding the concept and practicing it till you become perfect at it.
Once that happens, it’s all about how you apply what you have learned so far.

Why I feel it’s the right time to start?
I am out of practice. I don’t remember coding anymore. Of course a few things here and there and some things I did during college which was nothing but a failed attempt. Since I don’t know/remember anything, I see this to be a perfect start to begin the journey. My only aim will be to document the journey and see if I can help my readers connect with me. There will be many like me who might not know anything about programming but can read my journey and be a part of this journey as well.

How will I be doing this?
There won’t be any path or a pattern. One post a day, or multiple posts a day or one article per week. I understand that the journey needs it’s dedicated pace so as soon as I learn something, an article will be ready and live the very same moment. As Gary Vee taught us all, we will be ‘documenting and not creating.’

How should you navigate through the website?
‘WTF Daily’ category will have articles in episode format with their respective episode numbers. A separate page will be maintained as an index just in case anyone feels the need to jump few sections.

Will there be tutorials?
I will try and avoid writing tutorials since we have internet and you can find answers to alomst anything and everything on the internet. But, I will also be writing posts under ‘AFAP’ or ‘As Fast as Possible’ category where I will be redirecting you to or pulling the best tutorial on respective topics from the internet and presenting to you readers. I don’t want people to waste time on internet searching for the best available tutorials and I will be doing the hard job of finding them so that you can save time and earn more time for practicing.

I am unsure for now but this seems enough for a start. Coming articles wont put you in a TL;DR situation and will be super short, precise and to the point, enough for anyone of any age group to understand what I am doing and what they should expect

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