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An Incident from a Tier 3 college:

Me : What can be the best possible field currently in the IT sector where there is a possibility of you guys landing a job?
Extremely bright and talented students : Call Center and BPO.

8 out of 10 students gave me this answer. These were final year Engineering, BCA and MCA students.

What was more surprising was that the very same day I met a Dean of X college. He approached me and asked me about my well being and my job. He was soon convinced that I work with a big company and then comes his question, “Hey Sumedh, you work for such a huge company. I have 18 girls, all Masters in Arts with a Distinction or First Class. Can you help them get a job at your company? A Clerk, Cleaner or Sweepers position would also work.”

I am sitting in my room, doing nothing. Technically I am jobless. I left my amazing job as a QBR Data Specialist, something which I was really proud of. I wake up daily with a question,

“What am I doing with my life ?”

It is easy when you are privileged and have a father who pays all your bills? A family that won’t question you if you are sitting at home because you wanted to figure out what you wish todo with your life before your college starts (I will be joining Symbiosis coming June) or would bother you with the same old question.
“What the f*#k are you doing with your life?”

The question here is, what will those kids do who wish to work hard, want to pass their exams with good grades, wish to get a decent salary, enough to make their parents happy and do something substantial with their lives? Kids who have no idea what is happening with them, what is the ground reality, what will happen if they don’t get to be a part of the constant competition that is happening around them?

We live in India. A place where your skills have no value if you cannot speak English. Top colleges, education system and politics are a mess, thanks to reservation. Top Government jobs are impossible to crack because every year we see 3 to 4 lac Civil Service Examination applicants out of which a few thousands actually get one. There have been instances where for a single position of a clerk in a government office or in railways has received at least a million applications from Doctors, Engineers and PhD holders. Are the situations so messed up where we find it difficult to produce more jobs with a population more than a billion? Are the situations so messed up that there is huge shortage of money that won’t allow employers to hire people for positions that can actually make a difference to the well educated and deserving students?

How am I even eligible to answer these questions where I am privileged enough to write this answer on a Macbook Pro having my premium android phone in one hand with a subscription to Amazon Prime on which i am contemplating my next TV series to watch. It’s 2 am and my Amazon Dot is playing silent ambient music in the background as I try to search for random instances of happiness in PewDiePie videos, You Laugh You Lose challenges to be more specific which I am surfing on the YouTube app on my Sony Bravia Smart TV.

Privilege is truly invisible for those who have it

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