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Imagine. Discuss. Design.Build.Enjoy.Repeat.

Knowledge is power, Wisdom is liberty


feeling or expressing distress and annoyance resulting from an inability to change or achieve something


a person who has excessive enthusiasm for and some expertise about single/multiple specialized subject/s

Frustration is pre installed, versions differ

The general state of any functional human brain could sync with this statement. We say, information is the cause. We create information. We consume information. We harness information. We hide information. We hoard information. We sell information. We buy information. We publish information. We erase information. We manipulate information. And, before we come to our senses, we fuck up. We end up in a rabbit hole with the frustrated mode activated, ready to detonate. But, rest assured. We pick you up exactly at this level and we welcome you with open ports. This website deals with technology and everything in proximity. We analyze problems that are wide-spread, hard to solve. We break it down. We solve each unit. We show you how we solved each unit. And, this is the best part. Our techniques of representing information are simple enough to cure ADHD. Humor is good for the heart, they say! So, expand aggressively on the website. Happy hunting. You are clear to engage.
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Where it all started

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Who am I

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What I intend doing

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