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  • You don't get to drive a train (banker to be more specific) everyday. One hell of an experience. Thank you @anagha_s_d for the wonderful experience 
#india #trains #travel #pune #instagram
  • Arre mera bachcha/wingwoman/motherlymother 😜 
Please fuck off ASAP so I can join you 😬 
Happy birthday pori. Stay blessed and we have our recreational activity planned for our next meeting 😉
  • The Golden Jubilee. 
Few things left incomplete...
A happy Valentines day
  • What an amazing start! 
The game has just started and there is a lot to look forward to. 
  • You see me coming? 
You see me going? 
Doesn't really matter. We are no trees with roots. We are humans. .
. #wtfgeeks
  • Let us time travel to the place we were always supposed to be. Just you and me. That's all we need. .
#pune # India #photography #instagram #nikon #travel #incredibleindia #bnw